ACLC offers English courses for:

Kids 7-12

Classes for Kids focus on interest and engagement. Class time is fun and interactive.

Teens 13-15

Emphasis for Teens is on conversation and building vocabulary.


Focus for Adults is on conversation, vocabulary, and expressing oneself in a variety of work and family situations.


Business English is for people who want to learn English and develop soft skills to enhance their employment opportunities and personal success.

We teach all levels. The levels are:

Basic 1-5 (5 Levels)

Intermediate 1-6

Advanced 1-5

Teens 1


Business English

Kids 1-4

Each level normally takes one trimester (12 weeks) to complete. More intensive courses are offered throughout the year.


Classes are usually held 1.5 hours twice a week (3 hours per week total).


Classes are offered Monday through Saturday.


Classes are held throughout the day. The first class starts at 9:00 a.m. and the last class starts at 7:00 p.m.

The Center will assess you to determine your level of English proficiency. Classes will be organized to put students of like ability together.

Our classrooms are equipped with whiteboards and TVs so that you can interact with other students and actively participate in lessons.

Adult content is divided into 17 levels; each of which offers 36 hours of instruction.

Content focuses on conversational English and is approached with in-class presentations and whole-class excercises and activities.

Classes are limited to 12 students!