Moroccan Arabic (Darija)

Moroccan Arabic (Darija) classes at ACLC are perfect for:


Ex-pat workers who want to learn Darija quickly to immerse themselves in Moroccan life and converse with local Moroccans.


Foreign businesspeople and other ex-pats who want to learn how to talk to co-workers and other locals (taxi drivers, doormen, etc.).


Anyone with an interest in learning languages and expanding their horizons!

Our approach to Moroccan Arabic (Darija) is based on:

GPA Language & Cultural Coaching

We use the Growing Participator Approach to help our students learn Darija and participate in a local community. We use in-class conversation, practice in the community, and audio recordings almost exclusively in the early phases, and increasingly use stories, videos and written materials.


ACLC’s mission is to be a place of cultural exchange where locals and foreigners can learn from each other. At ACLC, you will find an environment filled with opportunities to meet, practice with, and learn from people from other cultures.



Because culture is a key to communicating in Darija, we incorporate cultural learning throughout the curriculum.

Our Coaches

All our coaches are fully trained in GPA and most have over 10 years experience in nurturing Darija learners. They walk with you through your cultural and language acquisition, and are always available to help!